Commercial Law

We firmly believe in the excellent contract drafting to avoid contractual disputes in the course of commercial engagements. However, in some instances, even the best drafted contracts may not shield its parties from disputes thereby arising.

We therefore not only draft efficient and divergent forms of contracts and agreements for our clients, we also apply foresight and offer sustainable solutions and models. In addition, we provide corporate entities with a wide array of complex commercial services such as forming and restructuring various legal entities, provide advice on the regulatory environment for the various types of entities and the sectors within which they operate. Our services are available to individual, profit and non-profit entities with local, foreign and international operation.

We also offer services in Conveyance (Real Estate Law). These include preparation and registration of mortgages, charges, debentures, purchases, sales, leases, transfers and other related matters. We endeavour to keep abreast with legal and other reforms in the property sector, to accord our clients an adaptable, efficient and specialized service.